chapter twp

a sermon outside memory.

videograms of jetties: they're beautiful places 2 take a moment /// before ÷÷ you've seen †††††† √vanish ≈≈≈≈ does that mean it's

these are the visions:

in nothing wondering how diditenduplikethis there were things that shouldn't have happenedwaiting for the ocean2sweepintothesea what used to be it's a shell what was this they seem pointless 2 what about the words digging a hole deep enough if there wasn't an escape than there isn't an escapecutaholeintheskyandcry it's a canvas that should be ∂∂∂ burned ¬∆¬∆¬∆¬∆¬∆¬∆¬∆¬∆¬∆¬∆˚¬∆¬∆¬∆¬∆¬∆˚ƒ∂˜˚˜∂µ∫ç˜∆˙ß∂∫çåßµ∂∫çå∆˙∑∫å´∂ßçåß∂ç∫å∆ß˙∂ç∫å˙ß∆∂∫çåß∂ç stolenpoemsandsuicidenoteswhenskiesarehangedandoceansaredreamedforinexcusableregretsareworldscollapsinganywasaglove remember when cous cous meant something is this a film is this a film is this a film and then you get upset because they mention your ex . . . . & u have power

i wish i could do more right now but being fucked up all day is a very timeconsuming task for what otherreasonthatntokeepthefrozeninmotionand render somethingmorebeautifulthanyourselfinyourfirstrealsnowsinceinfancywhenitwaseasiertobuildthingstallerthanyourself becausetherewasasenseofscaleyoucouldprobablyunderstandbetterthanthemessyouhavetofloatarounduntilthesoundsstoptriggeringavalanchesthatkisspinetreesandswallowthebrushhowwouldiknowifblackberriesgrowatthataltitudebutifiwastherewithouidwant2picksomeandthenitdbepossible2pretendnothingoutsidetheimmediareexistedyoullneverhaveanotherkisslikethatitsalwaysstrangerememberingyouwerehteonewhowrotethesewordsisthereadifferenceisthereadifferenceistheradifferencefacedowninwaterfloatingmaybewestealittonightsdeliriousmoonneverinthemetroneverinthemetroneveronthetrainthenightsmeltlikeithadn'tsleptinweeksanotherzipanotherstrip

1. gather supplies 2. make lids & load jars (prep lids, 2 cups ex, 1 cupt water mix, 1 cup y, load jars, add z, add lid) 3. sterilization 4. inoculation 5. incubation 6. you can make it all end now


there was a moment in june when things were moving so quickly or maybe it was july and i thought i wanted more kanye and i thought donda was going to drop (like actually) but i think what i actually wanted was more arthur jafa x kanye. been binging the megashares ––– got linx 4: love is the message the message is death ††† dreams are colder than death ††† ms hillsonga ††† Malik Sayeed - Deshotten 1.0 - 2009 .mkv ††† hit the msgs/dms/line 4 trades&shares& ††† praise God on this blessed Sunday †††††

passage beyond