chapter 5:

searching: for a ghost town – filled with a collection of trash

that had blown in from all over the world: a place of eternal spring ††† shimmering with the greening /// of decomposition ∫and the yellow∫ †† of pus – a city of the future

post: by paul de tarsus

you've tried to answer whether there is a reality anymore
~in so many ways:
“and it can be answered in so many more:

"rewound tape begins again – counting, pausing, playing, aching – imagining when I would learn how to become someone new." – hopinka (6)
the demon of analogy: lost chronology
the penultimate is dead

it is impossible to find God outside of ourselves. our own souls contribute all the divinity that is outside of us. we are the greatest temple.
devils are machines of darkness: angels are machines of light

the world ever is, whether manifested or unmanifested; so an eternal object exists.

the whole ocean is present as the back of each wave and all manifestations are waves some very big some very small yet all are the ocean in their essence the whole ocean but as waves each is a part when the waves are stilled then all is one "a spectacle without a spectacle"

behold that I announce to you a mystery:
all of us, certainly, will not fall asleep, dying, but all will be transformed in an instant, at the sound of the final trumpet… the God who created the world and everthing that it contains, Lord of heaven and earth, does not inhabit temples built by man, and cannot be served by the hand of man:
as if he had need of our thing, he who gives life, breath, and every good to everyone.

:creation: /// :is not a "making" of something:

an attempt: to escape Time (the signifier & the signified)

to think without a phantasm is to make the impossible possible.